We are issuing a strictly limited number of Master Resell Rights Licenses To 'Become A Wordpress Guru'. 

Not only will you become one of the few people who have the right to resell this high demand book, you'll also get the following:

1. Master Resell License (you can sell on resell rights and charge whatever you wish) to this book.

2. Sales page which you can edit to include your name and Paypal or Clickbank link so you can sell at whatever price you wish

3. All graphics for the web page

4. Free Wordpress Blog Theme (rather than using the same bog-standard one)

All this for just $19

I know this isn't something that will appeal to all of you, which is why the personal use only book is free, but I also know there are those of you who will see the potential in this and will see the huge demand for publications like this.

You can make your money back in one sale, and will always have the right to sell this book. There's always a high demand for quality 'how to' publications like this one from newcomers to both the internet in general and to internet marketing.

Either way, it's brought to you as a subscriber only offer and with our very best wishes.

No thanks - I'll take the personal use only edition.. 

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